Joe Chouinard writes stories and draws pictures. He’s unqualified to do much of anything else.


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Clown Corps


Cat burglar Mary McBell is apprehended by the Clown Corps, a local agency of crime-fighting clowns. A mysterious explosion gives her a chance to escape, but she stays to save a clown’s life. This deed earns her an alternative to jailtime: admission into clown college.

Meanwhile, senior clown agent Binky questions his place within the Corps. Since when do they hunt down small-time burglars? Why does the mayor treat clowns like personal bodyguards? If there’s a way to save the soul of the Clown Corps, it may lie in anarchistic, troublesome McBell.


Ongoing, updates every Monday and Wednesday.

The Bishop Cases


A disgraced teen detective’s strong sense of morality conflicts with a talented teen inventor’s apparent lack of morality.

Currently on break.


(Part 1

(Part 2)

(Part 3a, Part 3b)

A series of short high fantasy comics about a princess who can shoot lightning out of her hands. My least funny comics.