Joe Chouinard writes stories and draws pictures. He’s unqualified to do much of anything else.

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Clown Corps


The Clown Corps began as an experimental emergency response team, combining firefighters with rodeo clowns. Decades later, senior agent Binky notices an unsettling shift: the Corps better resembles a police department, and does frequent personal favors for the city’s wealthy elite.

Meanwhile, a quirky criminal named McBell is admitted to clown college. Binky has always been a clown of duty and discipline, but he may find himself relying on McBell to do what she does best: break rules, make messes, and leave nothing unchanged.


Ongoing, updates every Monday.

The Bishop Cases


A disgraced teen detective’s strong sense of morality conflicts with a talented teen inventor’s apparent lack of morality. There’s, uh, only one case right now.


(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

A series of short high fantasy comics about a princess who can shoot lightning out of her hands. My least funny comics.

I Hear the Blues A-Killin’

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A 16-page fan comic where Frasier meets Columbo.


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A 4-page fan comic about Frasier and Niles in the world of the Fromsoft RPG Bloodborne.


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A 20-page Simpsons fan comic where the residents of Springfield compete in a dramatic anime-style tournament arc.